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Objective : You have to create the tile n°0 as fast as possible !

How to play :

- When two or more tiles with the same number are adjacents,

- you can click on one of them and they will merge on the tile clicked,

- the number of the new tile is reduced by 1.

You can also use the limited Joker Bomb to destroy a tile at any time.

Good luck ^^ !

zer0 is avaible here with the webplayer plugin from Unity, but you can also play the game with WebGL on the official website :


News :

Feb 10, 2016 :

- zer0 is now available for iOS on the AppStore

- Working on HTML5 version for a fast loading game : coming soon

Feb 10, 2016 :

- Added "best time" panel

- No Limit mode renamed

- Some bugfixs

Jan 27, 2016 :

- zer0 is now available for Android on the GooglePlay

- New Mode "No Limit" available when you created the first zero

- Like the Android version, your game is now automatically saved,

and can be resumed even if the browser was closed

Jan 22, 2016 :

- Update gameplay for Hardcore and Hell post game modes.

- 3 Joker Bombs at start was definitely too much ! You now start with one bomb and you get another one at each post game mode.

Jan 21, 2016 :

- 4164646564203a2045617374657220656767

- Post game is back with the new design.

Jan 19, 2016 :

- New design thanks to the designer Vosne from Unity-Indie

- Post game modes disabled but they come back soon.

Jan 18, 2016 :

- Joker Bomb added. You can now use it to destroy one particular tile at any time.

- New score algorithm : time score added for final score.

Jan 17, 2016 :

- The 8x8 grid seems to be a little too easy. The grid is now 7x7.

- Post game added. Can you go further than Hardcore ?

Jan 16, 2016 :

- Initial launch.

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